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May 20, 2019

In this episode, Gordon talks with Vanessa Lech about her anger management and addiction niches. Vanessa reveals some unconventional private practice strategies and shares ways to diversify your income streams. Find out why Vanessa says the number one way to diversify your income is through your thought process. Then, Gordon and Vanessa discuss working with people in the criminal justice system and becoming a court mediator.

Meet Vanessa Lech

In one way or another, I have worked in the healthcare industry for most of my adult life. I previously served in the U.S. Army and now own and serve clients at Carolina Addiction and Anger Management PLLC,located in Raleigh, NC.

I continuously channel my creative passions, love of design and art with my knowledge on various topics having written non-fiction books, created an anger management therapy game/tool for licensed clinicians and creating/hosting a podcast that I am VERY proud of entitled: “Unraveled: Addiction & Anger Management” where expert guests are featured. When I’m not working, I’m most likely spending time with my dogs and resting up for whatever the future may have for me.

Diversifying Income

Often therapists believe all their sessions need to have one-on-one attention. Individual therapy can be really draining for some, so doing only one-on-one sessions is an easy way to experience burnout. Some therapists end up doing eight to twelve of these sessions in one day. Many people try to look at diversifying income after they have reached the point of burnout; however, this is an awful time to start looking. Therapists should be looking to diversify their income as a preventative action rather than an afterthought.

The number one way to diversify your income is your thought process, you have to be creative in your thinking. For Vanessa, it all started when she was still in school and she started writing her own books on health and wellness topics. These creative projects are a passion for Venessa and help her relieve stress while also diversifying her income; the books helped energize her and simply started as a hobby. Venessa has an online retail store that is entirely separate from her private practice.

Anger Management Game

Vanessa was working at a crisis center, and her peers did not want to work with clients in the criminal justice system. While working with these clients, she noticed a shortage of adult therapy tools; so, she created a gender-neutral therapy game. At first, Vanessa used glue and old business cards. After seeing how well it worked, she got it professionally made at a factory in the United States. This game was never about making money, she started it to assist with her work and realized other people could benefit from using it too.

Unconventional Practices

With a big move to Virginia on the horizon, Vanessa is thinking about doing DUI groups for court-ordered people after the transition. Currently, Vanessa does a lot of court-ordered type anger management groups. Her practice is unconventional in the sense that it will be virtual, groups, individuals, voluntary, and court-ordered. Having a variety will prevent burnout, people are moving toward virtual the world, and she enjoys working with people in the criminal justice system. There is also a need for people to work with the military community, most people are not familiar with the requirements of people in the military culture.

Vanessa has seen firsthand a lot of clinicians run away from calls with lawyers. You cannot be scared of people in that world if you are going to work with clients in the criminal justice system. You will have to market your services and have your systems in place. However, a lot of lawyers wants to hire other lawyers to be mediators. Another thing to keep in mind is that some states have rules and may require you to do things at a specific rate.

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