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Jul 29, 2019

In this episode, Gordon and Stacey Lanier, LPC-MHSP discuss their time working together and Stacey’s new business ventures. Stacey describes her transition to private practice and also her tipping point. Then, we learn all about Stacey’s latest business venture – The Atelier, a wellness co-working space for people to have a community of other professionals. Plus, Stacey reveals some of her most significant barriers when it comes to starting this next phase of her professional career.

Meet Stacey Lanier

Stacey is a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapreneur, in Nashville where she has been in private practice for twelve years. She is a trauma specialist, a therapist to therapists who also provides supervision to counselors seeking licensure. With her business partner, Dr. Ila Foster, Stacey recently co-founded The Atelier, a co-working wellness space.  Stacey has two boys; a college sophomore and a rising high school senior.

The Transition to Private Practice

Stacey would advise people to have a plan. Give much forethought and find a mentor, a support person, and a community of people who will set you up for success. Do not just jump in with no safety net. When things get complicated, you should know that you are moving in the right direction. Don’t act impulsively; be intentional about what you are doing.

Stacey’s Tipping Point

Stacey already had a network of colleagues – she reached out to them to let them know what she was doing and asked them directly for referrals. Also, she got involved in the community and became part of some professional associations. Stacey was anxious about her practice and getting enough clients. So, her friend told her a metaphor that has stuck with Stacey to this day: when you’re growing something you have to consider that it sleeps, it creeps, and then it leaps.

Stacey’s tipping point was when she could not answer the phone because she was seeing clients. Not being able to answer the phones was the “aha” moment that her practice was working. She started to reach out for help to get her website built and found a virtual assistant.

The Atelier

The Atelier is everything Stacey needed when she first started her practice. She did not get a lot of guidance or direction early on. Twelve years ago, there were no podcasts or private practice coaches.

She created this wellness co-working space for people to have a community of other professionals who understand what it is like to build a practice from the ground up. Also, clinicians will have a robust community to receive referrals and ask questions. Private practice can be isolating; this community makes people feel like they are not by themselves when becoming successful practitioners. Plus, they can utilize the space to grow their businesses and see clients!

Barriers for The Atelier

It is taking a tremendous effort to get the word out so they can reach their target market. Stacey hired a marketing firm to help them to do just that. Another barrier is trying to help other practitioners understand that this is possible for them. Yes, it is a scary step and a leap of faith. However, you can still do it and experience success with help from others that will make you feel comfortable.

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