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Jan 28, 2019

In this episode, Gordon speaks with Dr. Megan Warner about her online community, Practibytes. Megan intends on bridging the gap between clinicians and academia. Often, clinicians want more knowledge about recent science and academic expertise but do not have access to this research. Megan wants to bring information to clinicians and help therapists help their clients. Later, Megan tells us about some recent research on personality disorders and her big plans for the online community she built.

Meet Dr. Megan Warner

Dr. Megan WarnerDr. Megan Warner is a clinical psychologist, private practice owner, and most recently the founder of Practibytes, an online communitywhere therapists have access to the most relevant and practical research findings from the academic world. Megan designed Practibytes to meet therapists needs to feel great about their clinical work without costing them a lot of time. Practibytes provides quick and practical tidbits of clinically relevant research. Practibytes is bridging the gap between science and practice. Academic researchers share their most important and relevant findings directly with the therapists that need them, and in utilizing these findings therapists elevate their work, their reputation, their confidence, and their impact on clients.


Just like Megan’s private practice, she wants to bridge clinical and academia. As clinicians, we are spending much time worrying and thinking about how to market and build our practices. Megan realized there was a lack of educational research available for their clinicians. In graduate school, research is continuously being thrown at you, and the ability to find new information is always near. Well-intentioned clinicians get imposter syndrome because they feel as though they do not have the latest science. Academics deeply know the research, but cannot always get it to the clinicians. Practibytes changes all of this and bridges the gap between clinicians and academia. Megan views Practibytes as her journey to be a macro of what her practice is. She utilizes a W2 model because she enjoys the control, having a shared mission, and feels less lonely.


The Practibyte Facebook page will be the home base for our community. Megan shares some recent academic research that was revealed to her by a colleague. Many therapists believe how daunting it is to work with clients who have personality disorders. However, these disorders are not as stable as many people are trained to think. Actually, these people tend to get better over time with or without treatment. Megan leans on her academic community to provide this type of content for her and her community. The Facebook group will serve as a platform to reach those clinicians who are interested in this type of research. Later, Megan will make this a membership subscription with YouTube interviews or podcast snippets.

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