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Jun 14, 2021

Today I am lucky to have Manoj Kanagaraj from Grow Therapy join the show. Grow Therapy is a multi-state behavioral health group on a mission to help independent providers thrive. There are many benefits to working with Grow Therapy, and Manoj explains who will thrive working with them. If you are looking to dive into private practice, Grow Therapy might be right for you. Tune in as we talk about how Grow Therapy will help you collect from insurance companies, the importance of a community on your journey, and how to get started with Grow Therapy.  

Meet Manoj Kanagaraj

Manoj Kanagaraj is an MD/MBA Candidate at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. He is also co-founder of Grow Therapy, a startup enabling mental health professionals to offer more affordable, accessible, and integrated behavioral care.

All About Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy is a technology-enabled mental health group on a mission to help clients find affordable mental health care. They help their clinicians from a back-end standpoint. That way, mental health professionals don't have to worry about getting paid by insurance companies or having some base source of referrals. For clients with insurance, they could pay nothing. However, this will vary depending on their insurance plan. Overall, Grow Therapy is infrastructure or a back end for somebody who wants their own private practice to get more support, or it's for someone who hasn't started a private practice before. Many people want to take the step to private practice, and Grow Therapy helps those clinicians.

Collecting From Insurance Companies

Once you see a client, Grow Therapy will offer an estimated time of when you can expect that to get paid and how much would be based on the contract we have with the insurance company. Then, the Grow Therapy team will submit the claim, do all of the follow-ups, and go straight to the clinician's account. Technically, the clinicians are contractors for Grow Therapy. Grow Therapy started in Florida, and they built a pretty large community there. In Florida, they have close to 350 mental health professionals. Plus, they have a thriving community, and it's growing nicely. Now, they are moving into a handful of other states like Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC.

Having A Community With Grow Therapy

Anyone that joins Grow Therapy gets invited to their online community. You have the chance to meet hundreds of other folks who have taken the same leap or have been on this journey. Manoj says it's also been nice to see leaders grow and autonomously take positions within the community of starting peer support groups around specific topics. Mental health professionals are some of the best people, and luckily the community has flourished on its own.

How To Get Started With Grow Therapy

The important thing is whether we're if whether you're licensed in the states we currently are active in. However, it should be expanding pretty soon. The first step would be to go to Grow Therapy and enter some basic information about yourself. Then, someone will be in touch with you for an interview. Check out the provider page here:

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