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May 10, 2021

In this episode, Jessica from Simplified SEO Consulting joins the show. First, Jessica explains how she has learned to accept her imperfections when it comes to time management. Remember, therapists can't be all things to all people all of the time! Plus, Jessica tells us what she has done to make her email inbox so much more manageable. Tune in as Jessica gives loads of tips on SEO and how to get your counseling website to rank higher on Google. 

Meet Jessica Tappana

Jessica Tappana started her private practice on her maternity leave about 20 months ago. After filling up in only a matter of months, she decided to bring on other therapists as 1099s and transitioned Aspire Counseling into a group practice. Worried about how she would fill the caseloads of these new therapists, Jessica tried several different marketing strategies.  Ultimately, she decided to focus on getting her website to the first page of Google and began teaching herself SEO at nights after her kids were in bed. Slowly after gathering a couple of tips here and there, she got her website to the first page for nearly every keyword she targets.  Aspire Counseling has grown to now include five therapists and a virtual assistant! In fact, all of the therapists are nearly full, and Jessica hopes to find a few more quality team members in the months to come.

Meanwhile, Jessica has discovered a passion for teaching other private practice owners what she has learned about website Search Engine Optimization.  As a private practice SEO Consultant, she has had the opportunity to work with therapists from around the country sharing her SEO secrets.  She’s both optimized websites for private practices AND has taught therapists how to do the SEO work themselves through Zoom meetings and enjoyed watching their sites begin to climb to the first page of Google even in larger metropolitan areas like Atlanta or Houston.  Recently Jessica released a FREE 7-day e-mail series that teaches therapists all the necessary information they need to know and has received positive feedback across the board from other practice owners who are raving about the vast amount of information covered in only seven e-mails.

Accepting Imperfections Around Time Management

Accepting your imperfections and accepting your reality will be critical when it comes to time management. Some people always think they can see one more client during the day. However, you’ll start to realize that’s not always practical. In reality, you can do better if you accept your limitations as a private practice owner and as a therapist. Drawing boundaries will help you stay more present in everything that you do. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone all of the time. When you have healthy boundaries between work and your personal life, you will be a better therapist because of it.

Managing Your Email Inbox

Jessica has started getting some help with managing her email inbox. Many people find that they put incredible pressure on themselves to respond to emails immediately or within twenty-four hours. Depending on how full your inbox is, that can be impossible. That’s why Jessica is outsourcing help for her email work. Of course, there are emails that she needs to respond to personally. However, those go into a particular folder for her to check periodically. In fact, Jessica is getting help from Uriah Guilford, who made an appearance on The Practice of Therapy Podcast episode 176. His 7-Day Email Transformation Challenge has been a total game-changer for Jessica and how she runs her inbox.  

Outsourcing Your SEO

Jessica outsources a lot of her private practice SEO. Even though Jessica is knowledgeable in SEO, she has trained all her staff to do it. Jessica realized that she doesn’t need to be the one to optimize all of her blog posts. When Jessica first started her website, absolutely no one was clicking on it. However, Jessica learned everything she needed to know about SEO and applied it to her counseling website. Now, Jessica has a full practice and a thriving business. At Simplified SEO Consulting, Jessica helps her clients get to the top of search engines. That way, therapists can fill their caseloads and reach their ideal clients. If you’re looking to learn more about SEO, Jessica has Online SEO Courses for DIY Practice Owners.

SEO Tip: Content Is Key

Content will be your best asset when it comes to SEO for your private practice website. Therapists are always worried about writing the right thing. When you write a lot on your website, therapists often think that their potential clients aren’t going to read the content. Well, Jessica says a great way to improve readability is by creating subheadings for your content. That way, if someone is scanning the page, they can find exactly what they are looking for when reading the subheadings. You need enough information on your website for Google to know what your content is all about. If you don’t have enough content, Google won’t pull your website up when someone is making a search.

Having A Niche Is Critical For Your SEO

When you have a niche, SEO content will be a breeze. Instead of having fifty different specialties, you can narrow it down to a select few. When you narrow it down, you can write all sorts of things about those niches. If you niche down and write a whole page about depression, that’s a great start. Then, write blog posts on how to combat depression, tips for dealing with depression, what to know about depression. That way, Google starts to see that this website knows a lot about depression. When people search for help with depression, your website will pop up.

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