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Apr 15, 2019

In this episode, Gordon talks again with Jeff Geunther, LPC about how client’s experience finding a therapist and going to counseling.  Jeff talks about his new podcast, “Say More About That”, in which he interviews people that have gone to therapy and what they were looking for in a therapist. He also asks his guests if they have advice for therapists to help them be better or more effective counselors. Jeff and Gordon also discuss the importance of self-disclosure and why a clear and simple website is essential for getting clients.

Meet Jeff Geunther

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how therapists can build their digital brand and attract more clients online. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff has just launched a new progressive therapist directory for at TherapyDen. Subscribe to Jeff’s newsletter at to get weekly tips on how to grow your business and attract more clients.


Gordon figured out by accident when you start to self-disclose, you give your clients a way to be vulnerable. Modeling this vulnerability helps the client connect therapeutically and it becomes more expected by the clients. All therapists are thinking about self-disclosing and are struggling with it in some way. Jeff gently encourages therapists to be more open with their values because it will get more people in the door.

Marketing + Trust

All clients are looking for something specific with a therapist. They want someone authentic and open. In Jeff’s podcast, he asks clients what advice they would give a therapist who is trying to market their practice. The clients said to have the therapists write their websites with no jargon and simple language. Another client said he wants his therapist to have a good style and think about what their office looks like.

Gordon always asks his clients if they have seen a therapist before and how the experience was. One client said they had been to a therapist before, but their office was so messy it was hard to concentrate and threw people off. Another person suggested a therapist should have every little detail about getting to their office on their website. For instance, they wanted to know where to park, how much it costs, how many staircases, and so on. Clients are always testing us, but the therapist does not know when they are checking them. One client wanted her therapist to be okay with saying she was fat. If a therapist would not agree, she knew she needed to find a new therapist.

Say More About That

Say More About That is a podcast that explores the personal journey of finding a therapist and going to counseling. Jeff talks to people about why they wanted to go to therapy, what kind of therapist they were looking for and why. He covers why some mental health counselors were excellent matches and why others didn’t work and also touches on what they thought therapy was going to be like and if it met their expectations. Say More About That asks their guests if they have advice for therapists to help them be better or more effective counselors. Everything from marketing their services to meeting for the first time to talking about the hard stuff. Say More About That is a podcast for therapists to hear the perspective of the client journey and also for non-therapists who want to hear what therapy is like.

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Meet Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT

L Gordon Brewer

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