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Nov 8, 2021

In this episode, Brett Hill, mindfulness guru, joins the show. He defines mindfulness for us as the awareness that arises from paying attention to the present moment. When you can harness the awareness that occurs, you can respond to reality in a new light. Brett explains the power of incremental growth and how it can change your private practice. Plus, Brett dives deep into how mindfulness can be a powerful tool for not only your personal life but also for your private practice.

Meet Brett Hill

In college, I decided that the limits of what we can achieve and the quality of our lives are dependent on our ability to communicate well.  My degree in interpersonal communication combined nicely with my fascination for technology led to a career as a technical storyteller, authorblogger, and speaker for companies like Microsoft, Adobe and others.

But I wanted to go much deeper, so sought out the best I could find. I’ve had the good fortune to study Hakomi somatic psychotherapy with the founder –  Ron Kurtz, Matrix Leadership group dynamics with the founder – Amina Knowlan, and meditation with the late Audle Allison. I taught meditation for several years and founded the Quest Institute in Dallas. Other influences include martial arts, contact improvisation, and training with Gabrielle Roth

As a result of this unique background, I’ve come to believe there is no faster way to improve your communications and the quality of your life than being mindful during a conversation. The Language of Mindfulness is the distillation of many years of work and inspired a TEDx talk (2021), the book, and the class in development.

I am available for podcasts, speaking, and coaching. If you have any questions, would love to chat.

The Power of Incremental Growth

Marketing yourself as a resource is a very different business than selling software or a mobile app. When you're selling yourself as a service, it takes an entirely different orientation. You need to add small pieces over time like social media, podcasting, and website work. Plus, networking is essential when you are selling yourself as a service. That way, you can be connected to the right social fabric. When you shift to private practice, you have to learn how to run your business differently.

Improve Your Professional Life With Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the number one thing you can do to improve your personal and professional life. If you want to lift your life's quality, learning to be mindful will change your brain matter. Through mindfulness, your prefrontal cortex actually gains more material. That material in your brain is going to make your world a lot easier than it is today. You will be calmer, more resilient, and you will have a lot more choices than you did before. It's time to teach yourself how to slow things down enough to be mindful. You can learn this over time; it's a skill!

Saving Time By Using The Power of Mindfulness

If you don't have time to learn about mindfulness, then you really need to practice it! Would you rather spend 20 minutes getting something done frantically and get it done to 70% of your capacity? Or would you rather spend 20 minutes getting something done and be calmer and do it better? You might even do it in 15 minutes. With mindfulness, you can save time doing your tasks. More importantly, you will have a better quality of life. What's the point of being busy? If you're always busy, your life is going to be over before you know it.

The Basics Behind Mindfulness

First, Brett will teach clients about mindfulness. Most people don't know what mindfulness means or what it looks like. Brett will tell clients how to separate their thoughts and identity; once you can do this, it's pure magic. You can't read a book about mindfulness and understand it. Instead, it would help if you practiced mindfulness. We have a choice about what voice we listen to in our heads. Think about how your inner critic is taking over your thoughts and behaviors. The practice of mindfulness is responding to which voice we listen to.

The Formula To Find Your Niche

Brett has built his niche around mindfulness. He will show up on people's podcasts and talk about mindfulness, explain how it works, and even demonstrate. This routine has established Brett as an expert in this field. So, when people discover Brett, they find him in the context of mindfulness and mindful communication. It's important to frame yourself as an expert on some topic and have a lot of referenceable material. A niche is about having an identity and being an expert at said identity.    

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