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Dec 4, 2019

In this episode, Perry Rosenbloom, Founder of Brighter Vision, joins the show. Perry and Gordon discuss Brighter Vision’s most recent project, Social Genie. Is keeping up with social media challenging for your busy schedule? Perry and his team make social media a breeze with Social Genie. Later, Perry and Gordon talk about how to get your website the best search engine optimization.

Meet Perry Rosenbloom 

Perry has always had a connection to the field of therapy and therapists, having family both working in the field and benefiting from it. He founded Brighter Vision in March 2014 with a passion to use business savvy and web development know-how to help therapists both fully realize their career ambitions and help the most people possible. Since then, Brighter Vision has grown to be the world’s best therapist website design company, as well as one of the most trusted names in our industry, helping thousands of therapists throughout the world.

Brighter Vision

Brighter Vision makes marketing simple for therapists. They have over 5,000 therapists on their platform who trust them with their websites. The website will look like you’ve spent thousands of dollars when, in reality, you only pay a few dollars a day. They have been at this for about five years now. After working with his mother-in-law, Perry knew he needed to help her with her digital presence. After some research, he realized how much he could assist the therapist market. He learned more about therapy and behavioral health – now, he focuses exclusively on therapists. They can build websites at an agency-like caliber at a fraction of the cost. It was a long strange journey to get where they are now, but they have 27 employees and have a lot of fun working with their clients.

Social Genie

One of the advantages Brighter Vision has is working with thousands of therapists. Because they work just in behavioral health, they understand the needs of the community from a marketing standpoint. They spent about six months talking to therapists about their pain points of social media. With Social Genie, after fifteen minutes of work, you can set up your social media or the next few months. You can edit and customize posts that are already premade.

If you work with couples, you can use the couple’s campaign, the divorce campaign, and the infidelity campaign. Each campaign can have nearly 90 posts – you can schedule them however you wish. Then, you can upload your logo and have it embedded in all of your images.

Some therapists spend hours working on social media to customize it. However, you can easily spend fifteen minutes working with Social Genie and be done with social media for months. Clients can request content and what sort of campaigns they are looking for. Then, Perry and his team will create the content.

“Position yourself as an authority and start conversations.”

Search Engine Optimization

When you do SEO, it’s about providing content to Google that is relevant for what people are searching for. What services or specialties do you have? Then, write a specific page for your website on each of those individual specialties and services. Brighter Vision can easily add these pages to help with your SEO; they take a lot of the work from the client. Otherwise, there are lots of resources online about what Google needs for SEO. The better you rank on Google, the more people will see your website and the more clients that will join your private practice.

Design Team

When you sign up for Brighter Vision, you get your very own design team. The team will build you a first draft of your website in about two weeks. Then, you can talk to the team and edit the site how you want. Plus, there is a sticky note function on your website, so the design team can see exactly how you want to change the site. This takes out the hassle of having to email the design team back and forth. Once you are happy with your website, you can get unlimited support from the tech team.

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