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The Practice of Therapy Podcast ( helps therapists, counselors, and other mental health clinicians start, build and grow in their private practices.  Whether you are just starting into private practice or have been in it a while, The Practice of Therapy Podcast will give you information to help you grow and succeed!

Apr 4, 2022

Paul Wright is the author of the Amazon Best Seller "How to Run a One Minute Practice," founder of the Practiceology™ health business freedom program, and has helped thousands of health business owners from 57 countries earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.


In this episode, Paul Wright joins the show to discuss seven mistakes people are making in private practice. In part one, Paul covers the top three mistakes you could be making: failing to understand the true role of your business, falling in love with your service, and becoming a victim of perfectionism. Paul gives loads of private practice advice. For instance, he explains how to get more freedom when it comes to running your own business. Tune in as we chat about the reason why you should launch your product before it’s perfect and how to tell if the market will react well to it.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode: