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May 6, 2019

In this episode, Gordon speaks with Melvin Varghese of Selling the Couch Podcast. Melvin shares what inspired him to start the podcast and all the challenges he has faced along the way. Eventually, people reached out to Melvin and wanted to know exactly how to start a podcast. This led Marvin to create webinars and an online community to help others get started on their podcasting path.

Meet Melvin Varghese

Melvin Varghese, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, PA.  In 2015, he launched Selling The Couch (, a podcast and blog to help our field learn the business and marketing lessons we don’t often learn in our training.  On the podcast, he interviews successful practitioners about how they’ve built their businesses and shares lessons he’s learning on his own business journey.  The podcast was one of the top new podcasts when it launched and has since been downloaded over 700k and is heard in over 125 countries.  Melvin also founded The Healthcasters (, a community of over 200 health/wellness business owners using podcasting to share their message while growing their businesses.

Selling the Couch

Melvin loves the thought of doing an audio podcast because he doesn’t have to be all dressed up. The second reason he started a podcast is to be part of a growing medium. He realized we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of podcasting. It has grown now; fifty-one percent of the US population is listening to podcasts. Seven years ago if you asked someone what a podcast was, they would have no idea! At first, Melvin was terrified of starting a podcast. He is shy and had a bit of imposter syndrome. It took a lot of courage; ultimately he did not want to live a life of regret.

Income in Private Practice

If all you do is focus on income generation, you are eventually going to burn out. Time flexibility and creating a lifestyle that makes sense is far more critical than the money you will make. When a person reaches a net income of around $150,000 annually, then it just becomes unmanageable. Their quality of life will not increase with additional money. It is better to have a strong foundation that lasts long-term rather than something that takes off quickly and fizzles out.


Melvin figured out everything on his own and made just about every mistake in the book. After starting his podcast, people began reaching out for help with starting their podcast. He thought about creating a community for health and wellness business owners to start podcasts. Melvin has an e-course, an online community, and monthly phone calls. Podcasting is a service-based platform; you get to share your knowledge and expertise. People from all over the world can hear what you say. For example, Melvin’s first episode had nine downloads (five from family members). Now it is approaching 700,000 downloads. He records his podcast from a home office in Philadelphia.

Melvin’s Resources

Selling the Couch

Selling the Couch Facebook Community

The HealthCasters


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