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May 26, 2019

In this episode, Gordon talks with Marissa Lawton about thinking outside the box in regards to how you are going to run a private practice. Most people in graduate school tend to go through it with an idea of getting clinical training, then working for someone else. However, there are many different ways your career can lead you. One way to diversify income is by solving a particular problem and learning how to articulate precisely what you do. Later, Marissa discusses how to shift your mindset from therapy to entrepreneurship and explains the difference between coaching and therapy.

Meet Marissa Lawton

“I’m passionate about bringing my two loves together: strategy and therapy, to help my therapeutic community thrive in the online space. It is seriously one of the most important aspects of my life to help other therapists create on-brand messages that target their ideal clients and build the private practices they’ve always longed for.”

Marissa’s mission is to help clinicians in various stages of private practice to create online marketing plans that attract clients with integrity and authenticity. Marissa says, “there is seriously no point in portraying yourself online in a way that contradicts who you are in session, no matter how many calls it brings you. When you invite me to help you with your online marketing, you’re partnering with someone who takes your practice, your goals, and your dreams into consideration. You’re getting a guide who promises to walk alongside you every step of the way.”

Income Streams

The big choice Marissa helps people make is if they are going to create a practice of their own or are they going to be more self-reliant and create an income stream of their own. Marissa likes to help people with coming up with their individual income streams. People get stuck with the one-on-one business model, trading money for your time. However, you can start group coaching and serve people from all over the country or even the world. No longer does your income need to come from the business model that we are most familiar with. This is the reason Gordon was pushed to start his podcast in the first place!

Mindset Shift

The most significant mindset shift Marissa sees is that a lot of therapists still do not see themselves as entrepreneurs. Starting a private practice is very much starting a business. Whereas, other people have the entrepreneurial bug and are continually looking for the next thing. It takes a simple mindset reframing to understand that they are capable of running a successful business. Some people may not want to start a group practice, but they are still looking for ways to scale their business.


Embrace the idea that you are an entrepreneur is the first step to increasing income streams. Entrepreneurs do not have to be someone like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, that is only one type of entrepreneur. There are different types of entrepreneurs:

1. Achievement – people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

2. Social – people who are looking to make the world a better place.

3. Lifestyle – people who may choose entrepreneurship for the lifestyle that comes along with it.

Coaching vs. Therapy

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? Coaching solves a specific problem. One of Marissa’s clients does a three-month coaching package, and all she is doing is addressing the issue of fighting couples. The first 30 days are figuring out what couples should do just to stop fighting. Day 30 – 60 they are working on some de-escalation strategies. From day 60 – 90, they are figuring out to stop the fight in the first place. Coaching is a great way to diversify your income and create another stream of revenue.

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