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Mar 4, 2019

In this episode, Gordon speaks with Lisa Wozniak about leaving her corporate job to start her own marketing business. As a marketer, Lisa knows you need to have a niche. After falling in love with the mental health industry, Lisa knew she was exactly where she belonged. Later, Gordon and Lisa discuss sales pitches, connecting with people, and partnering with your competition.

Meet Lisa Wozniak


Lisa is a Marketing Consultant and owner of Woz Marketing; a marketing company dedicated to helping private practice owner enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. Lisa is driven by her passion for assisting practitioners to overcome different marketing challenges private practice owners face. Lisa has been in the marketing arena for over 25 years. Having worked with several big business clients in a corporate setting, she has realigned her niche to focus on private practice owners by helping them develop and implement creative marketing strategies designed to grow their client base.

Lisa’s Niche

Lisa got to the point where she knew she wanted to go out on her own. Leaving a corporate setting is pretty scary and takes a lot of courage to say enough is enough. Lisa wanted to know if she really did have the chops to make it on her own. To do so, Lisa needed to figure out what her niche is going to be. A niche is what is going to attract people; she needed to find out what space was going to make her special. A family member came down with depression, and she was exposed to the mental health community. After doing some research, Lisa was surprised to find the mental health community had a severe lack of marketing.

Sales Pitches

When we think about giving a sales pitch, we tend to think about ourselves and our role in the scenario. We need to flip that mindset and focus our attention on the other person. What can you find out about this person that will allow you to assist this person without expecting anything in return? With no expectations, it will take all the pressure off of you. For example, Lisa went in for a physical; the doctor started asking a bunch of mental health type questions. Lisa was handed a sheet about mental health questions. At the bottom of the sheet was a local therapist’s information.

Partner With Your Competition

Collaborating with your competition might feel strange and like a weird concept at first. However, there is more than enough business to go around for all of us. When you meet another therapist, there is always the opportunity to collaborate even if you are a therapist in the same community. There are also opportunities where you are different enough, making it a great partnership for both parties. A partner doesn’t have to be someone you go into practice with. It is a partnership in collaboration and marketing techniques. Look out for someone who has that scarcity mindset because they will not be a good partner. Find someone who has a genuine interest in helping you grow your practice and someone who is interested in a long-term relationship with you. Lastly, find a business partner who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work right alongside you.

Social Media

Lisa says clients say they try social media, but it doesn’t work. Her clients post once every few weeks, and of course, people are not responding well to inconsistency. As a business owner, you need to give the perception that you are everywhere all the time. This means posting all day every day. The bottom line is, if you are consistent with your marketing over time, it will yield great results for you.

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