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Apr 2, 2019

In this episode, Gordon speaks with Lindsey Davis about tapping into niches and how therapists can utilize the help of a dietitian. Lindsey explains in what situations would a therapist want to refer to a dietitian and how the two can work together to assist their clients. We also learn the steps a dietician would take to help their clients and then we hear Lindsey’s thoughts on fad diets. Later, Gordon gives Lindsey some advice on her web presence and suggests blogging as frequently as possible to assist with search engine optimization.

Meet Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Restorative Health, a nutritional counseling business aimed at transforming a client’s diet and lifestyle by helping them embrace a BALANCED view of health and eliminate any weight-related fear, guilt or shame. Lindsey believes that all foods can fit into your meal plan and health-related goals are met by setting a series of small, measurable, realistic goals.

She has worked clinically for 6 years and is well versed in chronic disease treatment as well as weight management. She loves the counseling environment as it allows her to develop a relationship with her clients and walk through a season of life with them. She strives to help her clients develop a positive body image while providing education and support to meet their personal, individualized goals.

Dietitian Referrals

Lindsey reached out to Gordon to educate others on when the therapy community should refer to a dietitian. For instance, people with eating disorders and disordered eating will benefit from having a registered dietitian. The dietitian can walk through with the client how to have a balanced lifestyle with their food choices. Therapists have clients with eating disorders and do not know how to address the food aspect without a dietitian. Lindsey would refer a client immediately the second you know they have an eating disorder so the dietitian and therapist can start working together.

Normal Eating

Lindsey’s work is very individualized because eating disorders are not universal. Typically, Lindsey tries and nail down the negative thought that is running through her client’s head. The dietitian would then challenge the thinking and find one that would reflect the truth. Many clients suggest they want to eat like a reasonable person, so Lindsey uses a resource from the Ellen Satter Institute as to what constitutes normal eating. Then, the client will pick which aspects of normal consumption to challenge them the most and Lindsey will work them one at a time with her clients.

Fad Diets

The reason Lindsey is so passionate about starting her private practice is because of her personal philosophy. Her philosophy is that all foods fit; she does not believe in excluding or restricting entire food groups unless a medical diagnosis requires it. Eating is about moderation and portion size; Lindsey wants to teach others to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. People go out to eat, go on road trips, and come into contact with fast food. It is essential to learn how to navigate these situations without any fear or guilt.

Specialty Pages

Specialty pages are useful for SEO and online marketing. For instance, a specialty page will have one page devoted to binge eating and having one page dedicated to weight loss. These pages do not need to be lengthy, but it can be a subset of the services page. The reason for separate pages is that when people search the web for a particular problem, they will type their specific need. If you have addressed this particular need on your webpage, you will be the site that comes up first on Google. Gordon also suggests stepping blogging up to a few times a month if not once a week. Relevant content is essential for search engine optimization.

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Call Lindsey: (479) 226-1286

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