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Sep 18, 2023

LaDonna Carey is a Senior Psychological Examiner in Tennessee. LaDonna created a group for women who are healing from betrayal trauma called Gathering Our Hearts, has continuing education programs for therapists related to betrayal trauma, and is hosting a retreat for therapists in Hilton SC this October called Navigating the Storm: A Healers Role in Betrayal Trauma Recovery.

Join us in a deep dive with LaDonna Carey as we explore the profound impact of betrayal trauma in therapy sessions. Discover how betrayal can shatter trust, disrupt attachment, and leave individuals grappling with profound loss and confusion. Gain insights into the urgent need for therapists to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to address this often-overlooked form of trauma. Uncover the complexities of healing from betrayal trauma, from navigating the aftermath to rebuilding trust, and the crucial role of empathy, understanding attachment styles, and open dialogue in the process. Don't miss this eye-opening journey into the world of betrayal trauma and its significance in the therapy room.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: