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Dec 13, 2021

In this episode, Kelly and Miranda are back for a spirited conversation covering many topics. First, we discuss the importance of following your passion, especially when creating a side hustle. Whatever problems are coming up in your private practice will follow in your second business; so, ensure you have those problems addressed ahead of time. Later, we talk about how big tech companies are taking advantage of therapists and why you need to know your numbers if you’re considering joining one of these sites. Tune in as we chat about naming your business and what you can expect from ZynnyMe in the future.

Meet Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Kelly Higdon, LMFT is the co-founder of ZynnyMe and co-creator of The Business School Bootcamp for Therapists, a flagship course that helps therapists in all parts of their private practice journey solidify their business foundation and growth. When she isn’t coaching or hosting retreats for her clients, you can find her playing roller derby or spending time with her family. To learn more about Kelly check out and

On any given day you will find her writing, meeting with her psychotherapy or coaching clients, running a webinar for therapists, providing consultation with private practice owners, and making lots of room for playtime with her family. Kelly’s hair constantly changes. She cares about the people that she works with. AND her most FAVORITE THING is to push, educate and inspire in the Business School Bootcamp.

Meet Miranda Palmer, LMFT

Miranda Palmer built a cash-based private practice during the recession. But, she is most proud that she did it to take care of her family and created a work-life balance that allowed her to avoid the all too common burn-out a lot of therapists experience.

As the co-creator of, she provides how-to articles, free monthly webinars, and co-leads the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists.

Today her primary business is inspiring and teaching therapists private practice marketing. Miranda teaches them business skills, and not because she is all about money. Miranda sees how clinical outcomes, burnout rate, and overall passion can be impacted positively or negatively by how our businesses run.

Follow Your Passion and Success Will Follow

If anyone in the private practice world wants to do a side gig, you better make sure it is something you’re passionate about. Without passion, you will be miserable doing it. Whatever things you haven’t taken care of in your main gig, you will replicate it in your side gig. For instance, if you got burnt out in your main gig, you will get burnt out in your side gig as well. If mindset, money, and boundaries issues aren’t addressed, you won’t be able to escape them. It would help if you dream bigger and bigger; your passion project can quickly become something you do full-time with the right tools and resources.

Building An Online Community

If you want to start a side hustle, consider incorporating an online community into the mix. There are safe and lovely ways to have virtual conversations with people from all over the world through community building. Kelly and Miranda have focused on creating a space where people can own their values as a person. Once you have your values and vision narrowed down, you can find people who think and feel similarly. It’s critical to build a community where we lift each other up. As therapists, we can keep the field alive and thriving via these communities.

Choose The Best Name For Your Business

Zynny was a name that Kelly came up with when first making her Yahoo email account. Kelly and Miranda both liked the idea of using it for their business name. However, Kelly says that you should avoid making up a name with unconventional spelling. She spends a lot of time spelling out ZynnyMe over the phone, and it’s something that she needs to explain constantly.

Know Your Numbers In Private Practice

Therapists are afraid of their numbers. Once you know your numbers, you will be empowered to make the right decisions for your private practice. Many tech companies are reaching out to therapists; however, they don’t have your client’s best interests in mind. These companies sell client info to target ads based on their mental health issues. Plus, these tech companies aren’t correctly paying their therapists. ZynnyMe wants to educate therapists on how these tech companies are exploiting their clients.

The Tech World Collides With Mental Health

Tech companies are counting the words that are being said to our clients. Therapists will get paid for talking to their clients up to a certain number of words. After that word limit, they are working for free, or their clients are not getting the services they need. Virtual therapy is essential. However, big tech shouldn’t be the one who is helping our clients. One tech company was even offering unlimited therapy to clients for $99 a month. How does that even work? It’s exploiting therapists, and we shouldn’t stand for it.

What To Look Forward To From ZynnyMe

ZynnyMe has free pieces of training for their community. They are also paying excellent speakers to come in and talk about issues in the therapist world. For instance, they have people come in and speak about how couples therapy works in the private practice world. They are talking about how insurance impacts the care you give and what you need to know about it. Plus, they are chatting about the issues of burnout and trauma in the profession.

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