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Nov 9, 2020

As a telehealth therapist, do you ever feel alone? My guest, Kathryn Esquer, knows exactly what this feels like. She misses the daily interactions with fellow mental health professionals. That’s why Kathryn created the Teletherapist Network, an organization for the next generation of therapists in private practice. Tune in as Kathryn speaks about how she created a community, politics in the therapy room, and the benefits of finding your network. 

Meet Kathryn Esquer

Kathryn Esquer is a Clinical Psychologist and MBA graduate. She currently works in her rural hometown in central Pennsylvania providing outpatient mental health services integrated into primary care. She loved her career, but COVID helped her realize that something was missing from her private practice. The clinical work was rewarding, but she felt professionally isolated and uninspired. She also knew consultation was a critical part of the ethical practice but didn't know where to find it. So, Kathryn created the Teletherapist Network for modern therapists to crowdsource the knowledge and experiences of other private practice teletherapists so that members can develop their clinical and business skills, all while staying connected to their mission and preventing burnout.

Teletherapist Network 

Don’t practice teletherapy alone. Join a premier organization for the next generation of therapists in private practice at Teletherapist Network. Kathryn Esquer explains the inspiration behind her network. When COVID hit, there were loads of challenges that therapists experienced. Once we had to switch to telehealth, it felt professionally isolating and uninspiring. No longer did we have peers or other people in the mental health trenches. As a problem solver, Kathryn wanted to find people to connect with. Thus, the Teletherapist Network was born! 

Creating A Community

Kathryn uses a platform that does all the technical stuff for you. Weekly, they do mindfulness exercises and questions. Plus, they consult with each other and have live consultations every other week via Zoom. Each week, they highlight a new member – they get to know each other on a deep level. People get to pick their brains all day. Therapists will ask questions, and the group gets to benefit from the collective knowledge. Plus, they have guest expert webinars coming in every month. Industry professionals will teach something new to the community. It’s a neat way to connect with people who want to help private practice owners. Now, Kathryn feels more inspired to better herself as a clinician. It’s easy to get out there and learn new things in the Teletherapist Network

Politics In The Therapy Room

Do you disclose your political affiliations or beliefs in the therapy room? We should be aware of what we personally bring into the therapy room and keep it in check. The only way to do that is to consult with peers. There’s a lot of political conversations happening in Kathryn’s community. It’s a skill to have civil discourse with your peers. This year, in general, has been challenging with COVID and the election. A lot of things are affecting our therapy internally. Finding a community will be essential for a therapist. 

You’re Not Alone

You’re not alone in feeling isolated or uninspired as a private practice owner. It’s scary that this community wouldn’t have happened without COVID-19. Kathryn is glad she has the community to stay on top of best practices and resources. When she started the network, over 150 people were looking to join the group. There’s an overwhelming response for the community – you’re not alone! Therapists need to speak with their peers. If you’re feeling a little isolated, find a community of support. With telehealth becoming so prominent, the barriers to entry for private practice are very low. If you recently went out on your own, you can learn loads in the Teletherapist Network.  

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