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Sep 17, 2018

Kate & KatieIn this episode of the Practice of Therapy Podcast, Dr. Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux from the Private Practice Startup Podcast join Gordon to talk about getting clarity with your marketing, diversifying and the importance of creating a niche in your private practice. They also talk about the importance of doing the “middle part” of marketing rather than focusing solely on strategies.  In other words, knowing why and who you are marketing too and who is your ideal client. Kate & Katie share what they have learned in their journeys and how they got interested in their niche of helping clinicians brand and market their practices.

Meet Kate & Katie

Kate Campbell Katie LemiuexThe Private Practice Startup is co-owned by Kate Campbell, Ph.D., LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT. They’re two therapists with entrepreneurial spirits who are crazy about business.  They live, work and play in South Florida.

Kate and Katie both built their 6-Figure private practices in less than 2 years from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals to brand themselves and grow their dream private practices! They have a hunger for business, branding, and marketing. They love sharing their expertise and inspiring private practitioners across the globe from startup to mastery.  

They have helped therapists increase working with the clients they love the most, profit more, increase their rates, have more time off and enjoy a true lifestyle business.  

Together, they have been featured as guest experts on, Therapy Sites, Your Badass Therapy Practice, Abundance Practice Building podcast, Selling the Couch podcast, Practice of the Practice podcast, Brighter Vision’s podcast, John Clarke’s Cast, Private Practice University, Love Your Practice podcast, Become a Group Guru and more.

They provide free podcasts, webinars, online courses, private practice coaching, INSPIRE Networking, and customizable Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork for therapists. Visit for more info!  Join our Startup Nation Superheroes in Facebook.  

Not Missing “the Middle”

One of the mistakes a lot of people make when it comes to marketing their private practices is that they jump too quickly to strategies.  As Katie said, “they leave out the middle”. In other words, they do not clearly define what and why they are marketing.

Why Niche Is So Important

In order to truly do a good job with marketing your practice, you need to have a clear understanding of who you are marketing to.  That’s why defining a niche is so important. Having a niche helps on many different levels. First of all, it helps you identify your ideal client.  Which people you enjoy working with the most. Secondly, when you are working with your ideal client, you will just do better work and be more energized by what you do.

Kate mentions having those sessions where we come out of the session feeling really good about what we did with the client and the breakthroughs they might have had. This is a good indicator of knowing what kinds of clients are your ideal clients.

Thirdly, by having a niche you can better identify the kinds of problems your ideal clients are having.  This is where your “marketing message” comes from. You are able to speak their language and they are able to connect with you as a therapist on the front end.

Target Market, Niche and Ideal Client

A lot of times people confuse the concepts of a target market, niche, and their ideal client.  Kate talks about those differences. The examples she gives is in the context of how she thinks about her own practice as a couples therapist.

  • Target market = couples
  • Ideal client = couples who have experienced an affair
  • Niche = the services you create to best meet their needs (ex., Gottman Method, intensives, etc.)

If you don’t know who you are marketing to it is going to be very difficult to know how to market…  

You Are Your Brand

The number one “product” we have to offer people in our practices is you.  We trade our time and expertise for the money people pay us. A brand is simply the image or personality you project to the public.  It’s what people use to identify you.

The more you can project and get that out there, the more successful your marketing will be.  But it needs to be genuine and reflect who are as a person and clinician. Remember, YOU are your brand. Being able to project a true picture of yourself through your website, photos and copy go a long way in knowing how to market well.

Using video to help convey your personality to potential clients.  Many people feel intimidated by video. But practicing and doing it more makes it easier.  Think about the times you first started seeing clients and how you developed confidence over time.

A good way to do this is by using videos. Videos help convey your personality to potential clients.  Many people feel intimidated by video. But by practicing and doing it more makes it easier. Think about the times you first started seeing clients and how you developed confidence over time. Making videos of yourself are the same.

Starting with Dream Visualization

Really understanding your “why” and having a clear vision. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there?! A good place to start is by identifying the lifestyle you want.  Do some dreaming and visualization around this. Then breakdown the steps it will take to get you there.

Marketing Is Like Doing Therapy

If you think about it. marketing is very much like doing therapy.  It’s about joining with people and engaging with them. Marketing your practice never needs to be “cheesy” or “salesy”. Good marketing simply conveys to people who you are and how you can help them with the problems they are struggling with.

Another way to think about marketing is that it is a way to simply begin a conversation with potential clients.  You help them find you then, you communicate with them about how you can help them.

Ultimately, marketing is simply about building relationships.  It helps people get to know and trust you so that you can help them with their struggles.

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