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The Practice of Therapy Podcast ( helps therapists, counselors, and other mental health clinicians start, build and grow in their private practices.  Whether you are just starting into private practice or have been in it a while, The Practice of Therapy Podcast will give you information to help you grow and succeed!

May 15, 2023

In this episode of the Practice of Therapy Podcast, host Gordon Brewer speaks with Jonathan Sabbagh, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Journey Clinical, about the revolutionary practice of using psychedelics in psychotherapy. Sabbagh shares his personal journey with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse and how he found relief through ayahuasca ceremonies. The conversation covers the history and research behind psychedelic therapy, the potential benefits and risks, and the future of integrating this practice into mainstream psychotherapy. Listen in to learn more about the transformative power of psychedelics in mental health treatment.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: