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Feb 15, 2021

Do you need help with your private practice website? Jenn Fredette joins to talk about the power of strong copywriting on your website. First, it's essential to have a niche when thinking about copywriting. That way, it will be seamless to market to your ideal client. Jenn gives loads of copywriting tips for your private practice website. Plus, we talk about the importance of community and mentorship, especially when it comes to your copywriting.

Meet Jenn Fredette

Jenn journeys with others to develop a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them.  She is passionate about connecting the curious and brave with therapeutic guides who can lead the way into the wild adventure of self-knowledge.

As a former minister, practicing psychotherapist, adjunct graduate professor, and host of “A Thinker’s Guide to…” Podcast, Jenn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in translating the profound into everyday language. Learn more at or follow her on Instagram at @athinkersguide.

The Importance of Copywriting

Jenn realized the importance of finding a niche in terms of who she wants to serve. However, a niche is also helpful in terms of what marketing does and doesn't work for you. There are 20 billion options when it comes to marketing your practice. We need to think about how we speak about who we are and who we want to serve. Online speak is also known as "copy" or written content that we've created. However, our marketing copy doesn't even have to be in writing; it can also include a podcast or a networking conversation. Basically, how do you articulate who you are serving, who you are, and who want to work with?

Plus, Jenn speaks about her copywriting journey; she loves to write. So, Jenn set out to learn how actually to write copy that is captivating and is converting clients. Your copy needs to be representative of who you are as a clinician. Sometimes, marketing can feel kind of shallow and feels a little slimy. As therapists, we're not wanting to manipulate people. In addition, a lot of marketing techniques sometimes don't integrate our clinical depth or clinical awareness, which is a real shame. Jenn feels passionate about helping people translate their voice and the knowledge they already have into the copy on their website.

Copywriting Tips

A lot of therapists are resistant to the essence of marketing, which is niching down. You have to niche down for your marketing to work. However, many therapists don't want to exclude someone from their niche. When you're trying to accommodate many different people, then often this leads to a lot of blocks when writing. Then, it will be challenging to write either your therapy directory profile or website. When we try and write to everyone, then we need to write to Jim, as well as Karen, and Bob. Also, you don't want to leave Jane out either. So, it's hard to distill down what you want to say in your website copy.

Plus, Jenn says that sometimes a therapist will lose themselves; you lose your desire of what you want your practice to be. If you're so focused on accommodating others, you're maybe not getting your own needs met. So the first step is to really get in touch with your own desire. Who do you want to sit with who would light you up? When you know who your ideal client is, it will be super easy to start copywriting for your website! If you're not sure who your ideal client is, then think about the people that you are most excited to work with!

Can We Really Say That?

Therapists will think some of their copy might sound too edgy for their website. For instance, a therapist's ideal client may smoke marijuana. The therapist says: "I know that you just smoked three bowls of marijuana back to back to numb the pain." Your copy should always start with the problem in mind. Then, you get into where you can go from the problem. It's a basic copywriting formula that works well for websites. Next, you will describe what the client has tried in the past that hasn't worked for them. Overall, therapists need to write a copy that reflects who they are and who they want their ideal person to be.

We Can't Copywrite Alone

Unfortunately, writing copy alone doesn't work. The solution is having formulas and frameworks for your copywriting process. Also, have people that can partner with you as you write your copy. These people can be in a mastermind group, a business group, or a Facebook group for private practice owners. Also, you could find a coach or consultant that can walk you through the process. You need a coach anyway- therapists need a coach so they don't have to go out there and get a business degree.  Often, therapists want to rewrite their website completely – Jenn says that's not a good idea! Instead, start with your directory profile. That way, you can do some trial and error and find out what is working.


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