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The Practice of Therapy Podcast ( helps therapists, counselors, and other mental health clinicians start, build and grow in their private practices.  Whether you are just starting into private practice or have been in it a while, The Practice of Therapy Podcast will give you information to help you grow and succeed!

Dec 12, 2022

In this episode, Gordon does something he usually does with his guests. He asks the questions, “What is your story? And how did you land where you have landed? Gordon shares his own private practice story and how he got started with the Practice of Therapy. And with this being the last episode of 2022, Gordon reflects back on the year and some of the changes and new things happening in his practice and with the Practice of Therapy. He talks about starting the PsychCraft Network and the Practice Launch Club. He highlights the importance of community and his mission to help people connect and find support.  Read more here...

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