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Jul 27, 2020

In this episode, Bewindi Bobb, LCSW joins the show to speak about her recent move to full-time private practice. Bewindi explains the mindset shift that is necessary actually to make a move to private practice. First, the thing you need to know before making a move is your purpose. Are you driven to private practice, or are you just jumping on the bandwagon? Plus, Bewindi gives her thoughts on Black Lives Matter and the importance of mental health in the Black community.

Meet Bewindi Bobb

Bewindi was born and raised in the beautiful, gorgeous Island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Her journey towards accepting the calling to be a counselor is interesting, but let’s just say, she eventually stopped running (insert laughter) and realized that being a counselor is not just a  profession but a God-given and ordained calling and ministry.

Bewindi is super passionate about seeing people become free to live happily and free from emotional baggage, free from whatever is blocking, delaying, or hindering their healing. She loves the opportunity to create a safe space where clients receive permission to express themselves, their feelings, and find themselves while gaining a new and changed perspective.

She helps professionals who are dealing with unresolved emotional conflicts such as depression, anxiety, grief, stress, etc live freely by equipping them with tools to renew their mindsets. She loves to encourage and empower clients and when they apply the tools, they are able to show up for themselves and be their best selves in all areas of their lives. Additionally, she provides Christ-Centered Counseling to whom it applies and for those who request.

With over 14 years of clinical experience, she is driven and fueled by her professional and personal values including but not limited to Faith, Empower, Purpose, Service, Encourage, and Teach. She is so honored to be in this space and knows that whether she is providing therapy, coaching, supervision or speaking to an audience or on her podcast, ‘Empowered to Empower You’, which can be found on Spotify, Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google, etc, she is convinced that people are definitely encouraged and ignited.

Focus on Abundance

Bewindi wanted to make the jump to full-time private practice for a long time. However, Bewindi would always focus on why she couldn’t make a move to full-time private practice. When in reality, we should be focusing on the reasons why we can make a move to private practice. Once Bewindi made the jump, her schedule filled up! She made the jump into abundance – even amid a pandemic.

Full-Time Telehealth

Bewindi is doing 100% telehealth. She has been authentic and honest with her clients. Most likely, Bewindi will not go to the office for the rest of the year. Most of her clients have adapted and adjusted. However, there are a few clients who miss going to the office. Tennessee has been hit hard with COVID, and many people are switching back to 100% telehealth as well.

Private Practice Isn’t For Everyone

When starting a private practice, you have to know your purpose. You shouldn’t be doing something just because everyone else is doing it. It’s essential to think about and reflect on the why behind your decisions. What is your purpose? Or are you trying to mimic someone else’s path? Just because Bewindi has a license, doesn’t mean she needs a private practice. Some people actually love working for a group practice. That doesn’t mean they need to start a private practice. Overall, think about your purpose before making a jump.

Black Lives Matter

Bewindi has a set of values that anchor her practice and a set of values that anchor her personal life. Faith is a tremendous value for Bewindi. If she combines all of her values, Bewindi believes that Black Lives Matter. Bewindi is honored that 99% of her practice is Black people. One of the messages that Bewindi takes from these times is that we need to invest in our mental health.

Mental Health in the Black Community

Mental health is a stigma in the Black community and the Asian community. It’s awful that it took things like this to happen for people to seek mental health. However, Black people have been reaching out for mental health help now more than ever. People are experiencing so many losses, and they are so angry. The Black Lives Matter movement gives an outlet for our feelings. Bewindi is thankful that people recognize the need for mental health care. It’s time to permit yourself to feel without being judged.

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