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Mar 9, 2020

Alyssa Adams opens the show talking about adding coaching to her private practice. Therapists have a rich skillset, and we can utilize our knowledge in various ways. Alyssa dives deep into how she navigates the stigma of becoming a coach and what the difference between coaching and therapy are. Plus, Gordon and Alyssa talk about the reasons why you would even want to diversify your private practice.

Meet Alyssa Adams

Dr. Alyssa Adams is a clinical psychologist and certified coach who helps therapists and coaches to grow their practices and make even more money working for themselves so they can focus on serving clients they love. She specializes in helping therapists navigate the field of coaching by leveraging their incredible skills and ethically adding this service to their practice.

She has been featured in media outlets, such as Brit + Co, Popsugar, Bustle, and has authored numerous scientific publications. She created a successful coaching practice and subsequently left her leadership position with the federal government, and she is passionate about supporting other therapists and coaches to find autonomy and financial freedom working for themselves.

Adding Coaching to Your Private Practice

Why coaching? As therapists, we have a rich skillset around creating transformation in people. We can support people differently than in a therapeutic relationship. Alyssa went back and got more training to learn how to coach. There are ways to help and support people as a coach vs. as a therapist. You can use your skillset differently. Therapists may feel a stigma when they become a coach.

Navigating the Stigma of Becoming a Coach

Coaching is a less regulated field. People can be a coach who may not have a lot of training or background. There are room and space for coaches to be well trained. Learn the areas of overlap between coaching and therapy. Always be open and curious about what you can bring to your coaching practice. However, always remember to keep the integrity of your therapy practice.

How is Coaching Different From Therapy?

Alyssa will have her diagnosis hat on when working as a therapist; she will be thinking of mental health concerns. Coaches will not be thinking of a diagnosis or mental health. A coach will be thinking about moving toward a specific goal. The topics on the lists are usually different from therapy to coaching. Alyssa’s niche areas are pretty different, so it feels clean and clear in her head. The way she communicates will be changed, and her clients will be different. Coaching is helping people work on a specific problem, whereas therapy is assisting clients in working on a particular condition.

Diversify Your Private Practice

How do we think about building a business? Diversify your business to help increase your profit. Step into the entrepreneurial mindset and look at what will help you have more freedom and financial stability. Give yourself permission to think about private practice as a business. For the most part, people who can give themselves this permission, they will find their work more fulfilling and more rewarding.

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