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Oct 21, 2019

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? In this episode, Gordon and Sarah Leitschuh, LMFT discuss the progression of practicing therapy to consulting people on the business side of private practice. Often, private practice owners crave the flexibility of being an entrepreneur. However, flexibility isn’t always a good thing as Sarah can attest to. Stay tuned to hear all the ways owners can navigate the overwhelm of private practice.

Meet Sarah Leitschuh

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Flexibility in Private Practice

Sarah quickly realized that flexibility could be a bad thing. She found herself overwhelmed – it was hard for her not to have enough time or energy for anything she wanted to do. Sarah was working all the time and not seeing the results she wanted to see. Plus, she was supervising others – her supervisees were saying the same things that she was thinking. Sarah knew there was something she wasn’t doing. There needed to be a way to show up to private practice and still have a life in the outside world.

Taking Inventory

We can find the path to doing things more easily – but we don’t necessarily have the big picture of what is contributing to our overwhelm. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: what is contributing to your overwhelm? Where do you feel like you are wasting a lot of your time? Also, find out where you are leaking time, energy, and money. Once you fix these leaks, you will have more time to devote to things that could fill your bucket.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Private practice owners feel overwhelmed because of the constant need to document. Sometimes, their caseload is full of clients that they are not passionate about working with. Or, the schedule can be overwhelming. Your schedule may not be working out – are you scheduling too many things outside of therapy? These extra activities could be stressing you out. Gordon says therapists need to stick to their schedule. Do not let your clients run your schedule for you.

Solid Boundaries

Sarah says having boundaries is one of the ways to beat the overwhelm in private practice. Have limits as to which clients you can take into your practice. Have a solid list of referrals to give to your clients if you cannot take them in. Plus, have your set hours. If clients ask to see you outside of your hours – set your boundaries and let them know what is possible. Gordon says it was overwhelming when he started taking clients that were not his ideal clients. He is not a drug and alcohol addiction specialist – he gets a lot of calls about this, but his practice is not equipped to do this kind of therapy.

Constant Evaluation

Sarah recommends that quarterly or monthly therapists take a look at the state of their practice. Are you taking action to get you closer to vision? Or are you taking steps that are pulling you away from your vision? Evaluating regularly will keep your practice on track of meeting your goals and fulfilling your vision.

Tabling For Later

We do not have time for everything! It is beneficial to table things intentionally. At the end of 2019, some of the items on your brain dump list are not able to happen this year. Write this list down for 2020 to free up energy on things you can get done this year. It will no longer be hanging over your head for the rest of 2019. Find a blank spot on your calendar and make it sacred. Prioritize your well-being – it is just as important as seeing a client.


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