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Mar 25, 2019

In this episode, Gordon discusses gratitude and growing on supports. He also dives deep and explains some personal struggles going on in his life recently. Rolling with the punches is critical for growth and reminds Gordon why his independence by being private practice has been such a blessing. Later, Gordon explains how essential safety nets are, how to practice gratitude, and planning for the day. Taking ten to fifteen minutes to prepare for the day will make life much less overwhelming.


Being able to work when you want to and being your own boss is a big reason many people move to private practice. Gordon started private practice part-time while working for an agency and the turns of life helped motivate him to move more fully into full-time private practice. His daughter started high school, and Gordon wanted to participate in her extra-curricular activities. If he continued working for the agency he would not be able to do this. Also, Gordon’s wife developed breast cancer, and that is when life got complicated for their family.

Safety Net

When you work for someone else, you build up sick time or paid time off that you can use for medical appointments or even emergencies. When you go into private practice, you will not have this luxury which is why it is critical to have financial reserves built up when becoming self-employed. Also, diversifying your income will assist with your safety net. Find ways to make money without using a lot of your time. For instance, Gordon uses his podcast and financial courses to diversify his income.

Practicing Gratitude

Therapists are so busy taking care of others but all too often, they forget their self-care. Practicing gratitude is a big part of self-care to navigate the ups and downs of life. Gordon has been guilty of trying to do too much on his own. Honestly, we cannot do it all, and we have to draw on supports. Gordon is grateful for his staff, close friends, and neighbors who support his family in this time of need. Building relationships in your practice will allow us to rely on the community to deal with life’s surprises. Lastly, recharging batteries are needed for self-care, especially exercising.

Resources Mentioned

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Therapy Notes

Meet Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT

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