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Dec 3, 2018

In this episode of the Practice of Therapy Podcast, Gordon talks with BrighterVision CEO and Founder, Perry Rosenbloom.  Perry and Gordon chat about Brighter Vision and what inspired Perry to start his business. Also, Perry reveals the tools Brighter Vision uses to enhance and build an active webpage. For example, Brighter Vision has an SEO specialist that will audit your SEO, with other companies the cost of an SEO audit is astronomical. However, Brighter Vision builds this cost into their services. Later, Perry gives his tips on getting a better website ranking. Blogging is a useful tool and showcasing your specialties will ensure a high ranking on a specific Google search.

Meet Perry Rosenbloom Perry Rosenbloom

Perry has always had a connection to the field of therapy and therapists, having family both working in the field and benefiting from it. He founded Brighter Vision in March 2014 with a passion to use business savvy and web development know-how to help therapists both fully realize their career ambitions and help the most people possible. Since then, Brighter Vision has grown to be the world’s best therapist website design company, as well as one of the most trusted names in our industry, helping thousands of therapists throughout the world.

Brighter VisionBrighterVision

Perry started Brighter Vision four years ago to help therapists’ brand themselves more effectively, so they can get the types of clients they love working with. The company focuses on building brands and websites. This upcoming year, they are offering marketing automation solutions designed exclusively for therapists. Perry started this business because he wanted to create websites for exclusively one industry. Focusing on one industry saves money for his company and his clients.

Website Help

The process is as streamlined and straightforward as possible. When signing up for Brighter Vision, you will receive a design team and gain the help of two developers. Fill out a brief online questionnaire, pick a theme, and a week later the team will have a website specifically designed for your needs. Once you’re ready for the site to go live, the team makes the switch, and you will be able to get technical advice and guidance whenever needed. Using Brighter Vision, you will not need to learn SEO or learn how to change the color of a sentence. Also, the SEO specialist will audit your SEO; usually this would cost a couple of hundred dollars. However, with Brighter Vision, you can get this SEO audit with the cost of your membership. Lastly, Brighter Insights will rank your brand online from Google Analytics in a readable and straightforward way.

Website Ranking

Blogging can be useful in positioning yourself as an expert. Brighter Vision has a tool that allows their customers to blog easily. The growth platform will enable you to access blog posts and have automatic sharing services to social media accounts. The biggest mistake Perry sees therapists make is not having specific service pages to market their specialties. Most therapists have a particular services page; however, Google ranks websites as accurate as possible to a consumer’s search request. When someone is doing a basic therapist search, he or she is doing initial research. You want to focus on someone who is searching for a specific therapist. If you do not have pages listing your specific searches, then your page won’t get any Google hits.

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