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Oct 9, 2023

In episode 300 of the Practice of Therapy Podcast, we delve into a transformative approach to the hiring process: recruiting workshops. Traditional interviews, as it turns out, have proven to be less effective than anticipated, with a mere 10% of candidates hired through this method turning out to be great performers within organizations. This often results in mishires and mismatches that hinder a company's growth. 

Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz, known for his groundbreaking book "Profit First," is on a mission to change the hiring game. Drawing inspiration from his focus on prioritizing profit, Michalowicz advocates for the adoption of recruiting workshops as the future of effective hiring. These workshops, which have seen success in the sports industry, offer a hands-on approach to evaluating candidates. They allow employers to witness potential hires in action, assessing their skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative aptitude. By immersing candidates in real-world scenarios and tasks, employers can gain a deeper insight into their capabilities and suitability for the organization. 

In this episode, we explore how recruiting workshops can revolutionize talent acquisition, elevate organizational success, and foster a paradigm shift in hiring, emphasizing unproven abilities and task-centric talent matching. Join us for an eye-opening discussion on the future of effective hiring practices.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: