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Feb 22, 2021

Margarita Khosh joins for a lively and fun conversation. We talked about expanding your niche beyond state lines; it's time that you become available to more clients than you could have ever imagined! Plus, Margarita gives us the scoop on navigating regulatory compliance, licensing regulations, and the importance of niche branding to reach underserved and underrepresented communities. Lastly, we chat about how Covid and 2020 had a massive impact on getting telehealth to become universally accepted and finally lowering the stigma around mental health.

Meet Margarita Khosh

Margarita Khosh, MBA, LSSGB, GHAC, is a healthcare industry implementation consultant who works with health care professionals to strengthen the patient-provider relationship. Leveraging her 20-year healthcare operational experience, international training, Healthcare MBA,  fluency in insurance terminology, licensing, and regulatory compliance, she launched MK Medical Solutions, LLC to shift the mindset of providers and health systems to understand that the patient is a consumer. Through this lens, and motivated by overcoming trauma and burnout, she propels the implementation of a modern patient-centric experience that funnels to benefit all healthcare stakeholders by reducing cost, decreasing burnout, and contributing to a health system that works for all. 

Margarita serves on the Board of Directors of Women’s Healthcare Executive Network of South Florida and teaches a Facebook community of 12K therapists while interviewing industry-leading authors. She has been featured on Sabrina Runbeck’s Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals, The Mighty Pete Lonton’s Fire In The Belly, The B2B Podcast by The App Guys,  The Practice Of Therapy Podcast with Gordon Brewer, and Coming Out Loved and Supported Podcast.

She is also a contributing author and columnist. In a recently cited article at awarenow, she spoke about the importance of leveraging technology to make the health system work better for everyone. 

Covid's Impact On Telehealth

Before Covid, therapists were not leveraging technology the way that other industries leverage technology. When Covid happens, all of a sudden, it helped therapists propel the adoption of technology in a way that we never imagined. The entire healthcare industry has been turned upside down (for the better)! During this time, Margarita learned everything that she needed to know about how the new policies, rules, and regulations worked.

So, she started helping therapists launch private practices beyond state lines. Plus, she can inform therapists on how to utilize the executive orders and treat patients. 2020 and 2021 are all about helping therapists expand their practice beyond state lines for Margarita. It is a total game-changer for both therapists and clients. Plus, it's helping lift the stigma that people have around mental health issues. Covid has been extremely stressful, and we are lucky to help patients in the virtual world.


Why You Should Get Licensed In Another State

It has been exciting for many therapists - you can get licensed in another state and grow your practice. There is value in niche branding and lived experience. When you expand your practice beyond state lines, think about how that will impact a population that has traditionally had a different viewpoint on therapy. So, this is how you heal even more people. With telehealth, we can bring therapy to people regardless of where they are. Sadly, there is stigma and shame associated with mental health in specific communities; nobody will talk about it the importance of therapy. That's why it will be critical to get your practice across state lines.


How Licensing Works In Other States

There are resources out there to empower therapists to understand how licensing works in different states. Therapists might not be aware of specific questions they need to ask, especially given the executive orders. Margarita will help clinicians figure out interstate licensing. She has all of the resources for a therapist to do it themselves. Her goal is to empower and educate professionals to make educated decisions and understand the process themselves. If someone doesn't have time to make it work, then Margarita will offer additional support. She understands which questions to ask to get to the bottom line and move the process along.


Florida Telehealth Registration

There are certain states that therapists can explore in terms of getting to take their practice to where they don't need to become credentialed fully. If you would like to start seeing patients in Florida, there is a Florida Telehealth Registration. It is not a licensing, it's a registration. Simply put, it allows you to be registered in the state of Florida to treat patients, and it had nothing to do with the executive order because it's been in place for two years now. So it means that you can solicit patients in Florida that are not your patients, and you could practice there. It only takes a couple of days. Plus, the registration is free. To complete the registration application, click the link labeled "Documents" at the bottom of the homepage HERE.


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