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Oct 19, 2020

In this episode, Linda Sanderville explains how she wants to shift generational poverty – it’s all about a money mindset shift. We talk about navigating our mindset blocks when it comes to having a thriving private practice. Also, Linda reveals what it takes to create a practice that fits your lifestyle, including why you should never feel guilty for raising your fees. Lastly, Linda speaks about how she found her liberated identity and gives her thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Meet Linda Sanderville

Ready to receive greater abundance in your private practice? Without guilt, fear, or self-sabotage? Linda Sanderville helps therapists move beyond the initial stage of practice building, to increase profits through subconscious work, trauma release, and authentic business design.

Working with Linda means growing your income in the next stage of your private practice, with all of the clarity and impact, and none of the scramble to hustle harder. She has an uncanny intuition for pinpointing your limiting beliefs and getting you unstuck so you can master your unique business strategy!

When she’s not working on unlocking your unlimited potential, you’ll find Linda watching Arrested Development on perpetual repeat, and happily downing a vegan doughnut or an apple-ginger green smoothie. Don’t be surprised if you hear her adorable toddler sounding loud and proud in the background of a Zoom call!

Creating A Practice That Fits Your Lifestyle

Private practice should fit your lifestyle. Linda knew that she needed a strong foundation and clarity in her private practice. She loves her work – it’s her calling and her mission. Linda realized that if she doesn’t take care of herself, she won’t be able to take care of her clients. So, she wanted to design her practice from the ground up in a way that she wouldn’t have to leave it. From the start, Linda wanted her practice to revolve around her lifestyle and taking care of herself and her family.

How To Start Building Your Practice

The first step is to unlearn unhelpful information. It would help if you had your own style of doing things. Reflect on and examine social work culture more objectively. That way, you won’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. In social work, there’s a martyr-like quality. You don’t have to stay up late hours and help your clients. If you don’t stay up late, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Lastly, Linda says to look at your numbers. Figure out how much money you need to make your practice work. What will it take for you to show up excited to work for your clients? We are not taught about money in grad school; however, it’s an essential piece of the puzzle.

Navigating Money Shame

Recognize that you have subconscious money blocks. Some people don’t realize they have a money block until they start looking at setting their fees. For instance, when you think about raising your fees, you might begin to wonder if people will think you’re greedy. However, you know in your heart that you’re not greedy. So, where is that mindset block coming from? Many people have a fear of perception. If you want to have a sustainable private practice, you need to learn how to raise your fees. To be sustainable, you can’t work for free. When clients invest in you, then you can show up better for them.

Finding A Liberated Identity

Recognize the effects of how you can tend toward devaluation of yourself as a result of other experiences. These effects should not be impacting your private practice. As a Black woman, Linda thinks about how she would do things if she had white man confidence. In general, women do not ask for more money, they don’t ask for raises, and they don’t ask for promotions. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves emotionally, financially, and physically. It's time that we take control of our own lives and make our wildest dreams come true.

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