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Jul 6, 2020

In this episode, Jennifer Sneeden shares her journey in private practice. Unfortunately, it took Jennifer months after opening her private practice to realize the importance of marketing. After becoming a marketing guru, Jennifer recognized that she could help other private practice owners with marketing their private practice. You’ll hear Jennifer give marketing tips. First, stop saying you need to “get clients.” Instead, think about how you can “attract clients.” Plus, Jennifer and Gordon dive deep into changing your marketing mindsets.

Meet Jennifer Sneeden

Business coach and author, Jennifer has written three books and helped thousands of therapists and coaches all over the world create thriving 6-figure businesses that they love.

Jennifer understands that success in business starts from within, but that mindset must be combined with effective marketing techniques in order to get results. To learn more about Jennifer, visit


Masters and Disasters of Private Practice

When it comes to masters and disasters, Jennifer started in the disaster category of private practice. She opened her practice in 2007, and she agonized over finding the right leather couch. Plus, she spent weeks perfecting her business cards. After improving everything, Jennifer was in her office all by herself with ZERO clients. So, Jennifer realized that she needed to market – people don’t just show up! It took a few months for Jennifer to realize that she needed to get on any panel that would take her. Jennifer started making $43 an hour. However, she wasn’t going to get where she wanted to go with $43 an hour.

Learn To Market

Jennifer made herself a student of marketing for eighteen months. She realized that she wasn’t the only therapist that sucks at this stuff. So, Jennifer launched her coaching business on how to market yourself. Now, Jennifer is a total marketing junkie. It took her a long time to get there because she never realized how important it was going to be for her success.

Give, Give, Get Marketing

Jennifer’s philosophy is to come from a place of service. What do your clients need, and how can you help them? Provide value before you ever ask for something in return. When you provide value, people will want to work with you. Serve first, then ask later. Jennifer teaches how to serve clients through marketing. When you can come from an adding real value perspective, then clients will naturally show up. If you come at people from desperation, not only will it feel icky, but it will also repel the clients you’re seeking.

Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times

Some people are questioning if they should even be marketing during COVID. Jennifer says that there has never been a greater need for therapy services than there is right now. There is so much global psychic trauma. Who is going to make this better? Mental health professionals are going to allow us to get through this difficultly. Step up and tell others that you are here to help. It’s the most exceptional service you can offer to clients. When you hide, you can’t do any service.

Make A Marketing Mindset Shift

Empower yourself to make your private practice stronger through COVID. First, don’t try and do anything until you have decided that you will be successful. It is all about mindset. Permit yourself to change your mind about things, especially when it comes to marketing your private practice. Use marketing to generate clients and eventually make money. Sometimes, there can be a scarcity mindset when it comes to marketing. Often, the mindset you have about money will be the mindset you have about marketing. If you think there’s not enough money to go around, you most likely believe there are not enough clients to go around. Remember, that mindset will give you the results that you want.

The actions you take are not going to get the results that you want if you don’t come with the mindset of having great value. You do not need to “find clients,” and you do not need to “get clients.” Instead, it’s about attracting clients. Put your best work out there and know that people will want to work with you. When you have a scarcity mindset, clients will not be attracted to your practice. Rather than finding clients, your clients should be able to find you. A client will need to WANT your services. Make yourself be seen and available to your ideal client.

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