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Feb 19, 2024

Jason has been working for over 20 years to support individuals, groups, families, organizations, and businesses. Jason is excited to bring over two decades of work in offices, institutions, kitchens, farmers’ markets, woodlots, and boardrooms to wild new environments. Whether as a psychotherapist, the creator and founder of JourneyMen, public speaker, thought leader, or narrative consultant, Jason believes that our lives are adventurous, and we can and should be active, engaged authors of our own adventure stories!

In this episode, Jason critiques the societal norms that suppress male sensitivity and emotions, advocating for a broader range of narratives that reflect diverse human experiences. Jason emphasizes the importance of presence and mindfulness in navigating societal expectations, particularly for men balancing work and family life. He calls for a reimagining of masculinity and fatherhood within broader social narratives and encourages individuals to craft their own stories. Ultimately, Jason highlights the power of storytelling and agency in shaping our lives and invites others to engage with his work.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: