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Jul 5, 2021

Everyone knows that you need to know why you do what you do. However, once you know your why, it's time to figure out who will help on your private practice journey. I have Jamey Schrier on the show. He helps teach practice owners from all over North America how to build the business of their dreams and achieve practice freedom. We chat all about knowing your why, the importance of outsourcing, and why finding help in private practice will be a total game-changer for your business.

Meet Jamey Schrier

Today, I live in Rockville, Maryland with my wife Colleen and kids Jack and Gracie. I’ve got an amazing (and growing) team that helps me teach practice owners from all over North America how to build the business of their dreams and achieve practice freedom. I’m an Amazon #1 Bestselling author. I put on highly engaging workshops that generate breakthrough after breakthrough of ideas.

And I still get to spend a lot of time with my family – and I have plenty of time for sports, fun, and working on my passions.

All of this was possible because I decided it was time to take control of my life and my business and create practice freedom.

And now, it’s my goal to help people from all over the United States create the business and the lifestyle of their dreams.

Why Are You Making Money?

When we talk about the foundation of your business, you need to know why you chose this profession and why you chose to open up your own practice. Ultimately it's going to relate to really what you're about and how you plan to provide yourself a better life. Your life is not designed to do business all of the time. No one wants to spend all their time and energy on their business. However, your business should provide a lifestyle. So, what is the lifestyle that you want? Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want to travel more? How much money do you need to achieve your lifestyle goals? It's okay to make money! Making money is a reflection of how many people you're helping.

The Importance of Outsourcing

Jamey started investing in himself as a business owner. Step one in investing in yourself is calling yourself an entrepreneur. You are an entrepreneur because you're relying solely on your own work. So, it's time to embrace that and not shy away. The first thing that Jamey delegated out was bookkeeping. When you outsource, you have more time, you're less stressed, you're working smarter, and you're working more efficiently. So, Jamey started to look around at all of the things he doesn't like doing or is not the best at. Next, he hired someone to answer the phones. Overall, work smarter, not harder, and find ways to outsource.

Find Assistance on Your Private Practice Journey

All private practice owners sell expertise and sell a solution to a problem. Business is all about testing, trying something, learning from mistakes, and changing how you do things. Therapists need to change their operating systems. It's time to let go of old habits that are no longer serving you. It's okay to let go, and it does not make you weak. In fact, letting go will make you strong. As a business owner, you influence a role that no one else in your business has. So, it's time to learn how to be a leader and operate in that mode. Open yourself up to the people that can help you. We can't do private practice on our own, we shouldn't do it on our own, and there's no glory in trying to do it on our own.

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