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Nov 22, 2021

Today, we talk about how to build team culture in your practice. Creating the right culture within your practice is a learning process and a growth process as a business owner. Dawn gives tips on building a culture within your workplace that reflects the values and mission of your group practice. We also speak about the importance of soul care and taking care of that side of yourself. Remember, you need to invest in your self-care as much as you do any other part of your practice.

Meet Dawn Gabriel

The Faith Fringes Podcast hosted by Dawn Gabriel is for anyone who has ever - or who is currently - questioning their connection with God. Do you find yourself wondering if what you believe is true, asking how a loving God can let bad things happen to good people, or questioning how you're supposed to experience God in everyday life?

As someone born into a Christian home amidst the Christian culture of the Midwest or "Bible Belt," Dawn has experienced many emotions, unanswered questions, and life-changing moments that altered her perceptions of faith forever. She's here to let you know that everyone's journey in finding a deeper connection with God is different, but that doesn't mean that journeys shouldn't be shared.

As a Group Practice Owner, Consultant, wife, boy mom, and Podcaster, Dawn believes that you can - and will - experience God in so many unexpected ways. It's okay to question and challenge everything you've been taught. If you're a Spiritual Explorer, interested in becoming one or looking for an inclusive and safe space where doubt, questions, and curiosity are encouraged, Faith Fringes Podcast is for you.

Interviewing For Workplace Culture In Group Practice

Dawn started a group practice, but she didn't have any business skills. Sadly, Dawn didn't know about this beautiful world of consulting. For the first three years, Dawn would hire people who could see clients; she didn't streamline her interview process. During year three, Dawn realized she needed to get better at interviewing. Dawn finally understood the need to interview for workplace culture. Plus, Dawn got business consulting. It changed her practice. Hiring the right people for your business is crucial; it can make or break your group practice.

Building The Right Culture Within Your Team

Building the right culture within your practice is a learning process and a growth process as a business owner. Dawn wanted the therapist to be faith-based, but she didn't want the practice to be faith-based necessarily. Dawn's group practice doesn't overtly advertise that they integrate the Christian faith; instead, they make it more subtle. However, Christian faith is something that is embedded in their workplace culture. She wanted that to be important to the people that she hires.

Your Therapists Should Also Be In Therapy

It's essential when you're hiring to ask a question somehow to find out if they're in therapy or if they've been in therapy. You want therapists who have worked on their own stuff. Dawn does a three-part interview process. During the second interview, Dawn involves her team. Dawn's team is made up of individual contractors, but they commit to a team atmosphere. They have team retreats and monthly team meetings. The independent contractors commit to those standards. If you're thinking of hiring independent contractors, do your research on how you can implement team meetings or retreats.

Taking Care of Your Soul as a Therapist

There's a spiritual piece of all of us, whatever faith or religion you choose to believe in and follow. No matter what, there's still this element of something deeper within us that's bigger than us. As therapists, we create and hold sacred space for others; there's something sacred in that room, regardless of what religion one believes. There is healing, hope, and transformation in therapy. It impacts therapists on a deep level. So, it's vital to look at that deep within your own self of what's happening spiritually in your soul.

The Importance of Self-Care For Mental Health Practitioners

Sometimes we put our worth and our purpose in how we impact others. Often, that can come at the expense of our own self-care. Unfortunately, many people are not putting self-care as a focus. Sometimes it feels better to give to other people. Plus, when we focus on ourselves, lots of stuff will bubble up to the surface. That's why it can almost be easier to help other people rather than take care of ourselves. During the pandemic, therapists needed to focus on self-care because we are simultaneously going through a similar trauma that our clients are going through. 

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