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Feb 3, 2020

In this episode, Daniel Fava talks about five things you can do with your website to attract more clients to your private practice. You can take bits and pieces from each tip and dive deep into your site content. Daniel says the first thing you will want to do is to be specific with your goals. Have you been able to identify your ideal client? Stay tuned to hear Daniel dive deep into each of his five tips.

Meet Daniel Fava

Daniel Fava is a father, husband, podcaster, website consultant and founder of Create My Therapist Website and Private Practice Elevation. He helps therapists create websites and attract more clients online.

After building a website for his wife’s private practice and seeing the impact it had on her business, he became passionate about helping others achieve the same. Daniel offers web design services, SEO services, consultations, and online training to help therapists grow their business through online marketing. You can get free access to his library of PDFs, cheatsheets, and ebooks by clicking here.

1. Be Specific With Your Goals

Everybody has goals for their practice, but how does it pertain to your ideal client? If you want to attract ten new clients, what would those clients look like? Find out who the people are that you enjoy working with. After identifying your ideal client, you can look at your website through the eyes of your client. Are the images, words, and content speaking to that type of client? Once you do this, you can finally get specific with your content.

2. Ask Your Website Visitors to Take an Action

You need a call to action on your website. Therapists are great at filling their websites with a lot of information. However, they may never tell their visitors actually to do anything. Daniel says you need to ask your visitors for their information. Daniel likes a specific and engaging call to action on each page. What is the next step that someone can take in order to work with you? For instance, you can have a free fifteen-minute phone consultation. On every page, there should be something that explains that step. Conversion rates are usually low on popups, be patient with your rates.

3. Make Sure Your Website is on Google

Is your website indexed on Google? Put quality stuff on your website; Google will pick up on it. Think about your audience and who you are trying to attract to your site. Daniel says to think about the keywords that you want to rank for. Check out the first few websites that are listed on Google for those keywords and find out what kind of content they are putting out.

4. Get Your Content Shared

When you create a blog post, you want to make it high-quality and give people a reason to share your content and come back to your website. Think about your ideal clients and the challenges they face. What are some ways you can help them out and create a win for their life? Blogging is also an essential way to get your ranking up.

5. Measure What You’re Doing

It’s hard to grow something that you’re not measuring. What does your Google Analytics say? If you’re not tracking how many people are going to your website, how will you know what the problem is? Google Analytics is free to set up with your website. Even if you’re not planning on looking at it, have it going, so it’s collecting that information. Eventually, it will come in handy.

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