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The Practice of Therapy Podcast ( helps therapists, counselors, and other mental health clinicians start, build and grow in their private practices.  Whether you are just starting into private practice or have been in it a while, The Practice of Therapy Podcast will give you information to help you grow and succeed!

Aug 7, 2023

Avivit Fisher is the principal of REdD Strategy, a marketing and business consultancy for therapists in private practice. Avivit teaches therapists business skills they didn’t learn in grad school. She provides guidance in strategy, process planning, business tools, and marketing so that private practitioners can create a sustainable business advantage.

In this podcast, Avivit Fisher discusses the importance of marketing for private pay practices. She helps practitioners start, build, and grow their practices, focusing on creating a strong online presence and using SEO and email marketing. Fisher also talks about the challenges of transitioning from insurance-based to private pay practices, including the need to market services and establish fees. She addresses therapists' concerns about losing clients when no longer accepting insurance and suggests addressing objections by highlighting the benefits of being an out-of-network client. Tune in as we chat about the importance of building solid relationships, leveraging your network, and creating engaging content.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: