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Sep 13, 2021

In this episode, Austin Kirkland from Brighter Vision joins the show. We chat all about the Fall Into Cash campaign. It's is a month-long event throughout September when they provide mental health professionals with the tools and steps to help them make more money in the fall months. If you want to get a head start on boosting your practice by becoming a Brighter Vision customer, then Fall Into Cash is one of their most significant sales. Tune in as we chat about improving your website, the importance of search engine optimization, and why you need to start blogging.

Meet Austin Kirkland

Austin Kirkland is a Senior Account Executive at Brighter Vision. Austin has been a part of the Brighter Vision team for almost 3 years, but outside of work, he is a photographer! In fact, he was just commissioned by the Denver Parks and Recreation to shoot all their cityscapes for their 2021 print materials. If you’re interested, you can see his work on Instagram at @austinkirklandphotography.

What Exactly Does Brighter Vision Do?

Brighter Vision makes marketing simple for therapists. They work one-on-one with therapists to get a custom website built that's unique to their practice. More important than the website itself, Brighter Vision will help market your services. They want to make sure that when a potential client searches for therapists, you will be one of the first options on Google. If you are intimated by building a website, then Brighter Vision is the way to go.

Is Social Media Overwhelming? Try Social Genie!

Social Genie has a library of thousands of social media and blog posts that you can edit, customize, and schedule across all platforms in a matter of minutes. As a client of Brighter Vision, you can decide what type of content is posted. For instance, you can choose to have a post about anxiety released every single Monday. It takes only a matter of minutes to set up. As a client, you will also have the ability to view the schedule and see the upcoming posts. Plus, you'll have the option to and delete posts as you see fit.

All About The Fall Into Cash Campaign

Brighter Vision's Fall Into Cash campaign is a month-long event throughout September when they provide mental health professionals with the tools and steps to help them make more money in the fall months. There'll be weekly blogs, webinars content over the entire month. Between all of us, we will be giving away about $17,000 worth of giveaways. Additionally, you also get a very, very heavy discount on the services with Brighter Vision. They love to provide free information and resources for therapists looking to grow their practices and fall into cash.

Get Help With Your Private Practice Website

There are two types of clinicians that Brighter Vision works with when it comes to their website work. There's the clinician that doesn't have a website, and this is going to be their very first website. Often, this clinician doesn't have a niche yet; but Brighter Vision can still help market their services. While on the other hand, there are clinicians who currently have a website. More often than not, they are fed up with how the website is going. So, Austin likes to ask what they like about the website and what they don't like about it. More often than not, Austin can bring pretty much any aspect from their old website to their new website.

How Search Engine Optimization Works and The Importance of Blogs

Without search engine optimization, your website's not going to be found unless they know the exact address of it. SEO is a code that describes your website to Google. That way, Google knows who to show your website to. One of the most important things to do around search engine optimization is blogging. A significant factor with how well a website will rank over time is simply how often it's being updated. Google wants to show its users relevant and up-to-date content. So by updating your website, then you are telling Google that you have new information. A great way to do that regularly is through blog posts.

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