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Jan 11, 2021

In this episode, Angela James joins the show. Amidst the pandemic, Angela opened Classroom to Couch, which is her private practice coaching business. We talk all about the importance of community over competition. In private practice, other therapists aren’t your competition; they are your community and a great referral source. Later, Angela gives her three-step process to opening a private practice. Plus, we talk about making the switch to telehealth and why it has never been easier to open a private practice.

Meet Angela James

My name is Angela James and I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California. I've been practicing as a therapist for over 13 years and am grateful to be doing what I love.
I'm nationally certified in TF-CBT which focuses on the treatment of Trauma in youth. I am a strong believer in the brain's ability to heal from past traumas and for PTSD to be seen as curable, given the right therapeutic intervention. I also specialize in helping adult women overcome anxiety and panic disorder related symptoms.

I've always been passionate about helping others reach their full potential, so when I noticed myself eager to assist Therapists in opening their own Private Practice, it only seemed natural to develop this part of my professional career. Amidst this Pandemic, I opened Classroom to Couch which is my Private Practice coaching business. I am thrilled to see other mental health professionals reach their small business dreams and absolutely love being a small part of that process.

Community Not Competition

Therapists will view other therapists as their competition; it’s a huge mistake. Angela says that private practice made her step out of her comfort zone and connect with other therapists. With a scarcity mindset, therapists think that all other therapists are their competition. However, it’s simply not the case. When you build relationships with other therapists, you can refer potential clients to each other. Not everyone has the same niche, so your ideal client will not be another therapist’s ideal client. In fact, Angela says that other therapists are her number one referral source. Connect with other therapists in the community and get to know them so you can generate more referrals.

Angela’s Three-Step Process

Angela helps therapists using a three-step process. Step one is all about business basics; that’s Angela’s biggest passion. With Angela, you’ll talk about the different business structures and which one could be a good fit for you. Step two is all about HIPAA compliance. Step three is all about networking, advertising, and marketing. Angela will teach you all about how to get the best referrals and how to network with other therapists in private practice. Plus, Angela says that her program is affordable and attainable.

Switching To Telehealth

Angela built an entire telehealth practice in the span of the weekend when the pandemic started. Luckily, Angela didn’t lose very many clients. Even some that were unsure about telehealth eventually came back and gave it a shot. A lot of teenagers are actually a lot more comfortable with therapy via telehealth. At first, Angela struggled. However, she adapted and grew. The best part is that Angela can see clients from all over the state of California. Now, she has access to tons of people that she didn’t before; it’s incredible. Plus, Angela’s coaching business was born out of Covid. You don’t need a lot of money to start a telehealth practice, and now you have access to so many more clients. In the mental health world, Covid hasn’t been a bad thing from the professional side.

Starting A Private Practice

The easiest way to get started in private practice is to create a telehealth practice from your house. There are not a lot of start-up costs to get it going. The earliest that Angela will be back in her office is in August. After the pandemic, telehealth isn’t going anywhere. Moving forward, Angela will integrate both telehealth and in-person days so she can meet everyone’s needs. Plus, with telehealth, you can see people from all over the state; it’s a massive game-changer for your private practice. Also, Angela encourages clinicians to keep telehealth as part of their practice because people prefer it and it expands their reach. Telehealth is a considerable convenience; people no longer have to take off work to see their therapist.


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